Basics is my brand new theme for people who make websites with WordPress. As says: You should work with your CMS; not fight against it! Despite WordPress offer a cool learning curve, it’s sometimes tricky to begin from scratch. If you have some litteracy in French, I invite you to read my tutorials on creating a website using WordPress, from A to Z.

So, It’s time to say a gentle word to all the guys (where are the girls?) from who I’ve learned a lot:

  • Eric Meyer — Maybe the first who make me see CSS as a whole, not only as parts of compound design disconnected from each other (I not sure I’m clear, but I understand myself). Its reset is always a must have in every toolbox!
  • HTML5 Boilerplate — You’ve dreamed about a set of files full of best pratices in webdesign? Just go and make it part of you.
  • Thierry Koblentz — He came with a cool CSS stylesheet: base.css is an interesting file you should learn.
  • Codex — You may find that the Codex is sometimes a mess. Just remember it’s the best resource for themers!
  • HTML Ipsum — This tool provide samples of Lorem Ipsum texts embeded in HTML Markups: forms, ordered or unordered lists, definition lists, table, long paragraph, etc. Used mainly in Sample Markup category. It’s ready to go, just click to copy to clipboard.
  • HTML5Reset — An alternative way to HTML5 Boilerplate with a WordPress Theme (which decide me to make my own theme).
  • And more to come…