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Basics come with many features: custom-background, custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, microformats, post-formats, translation-ready, sticky-post, threaded-comments. I’ll try to write some quick tutorials to help you to master the basics… of Basics:

Add a .singular class within the body tag

The is_singular() conditional tag check if the user is displaying a single post, a single page or an attachment, which are respectively check with is_single(), is_page() and is_attachment(). With these conditional tags come three usefull classes nested in the body tag: .single, .page or .attachment. But, no .singular classe to rule them all! Continue reading

Avoid variables, create strings: they will return the favor

WordPress allow you to personnalize the context in many ways by displaying the current tag or category, as the tag or category description, for example. But, when it comes to add strings from nowhere, like a heading section which isn’t a tag, author, category or whatever already build within WordPress, you find yourself left high and dry. Continue reading