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Basics and Beyond Basics 0.2.3 are waiting for you

The theme Basics, followed by its child theme Beyond Basics 0.2.3 are now issued. Some minor changes for the main theme, among which: some CSS classes for text alignment and indentations reviewed for legibility purposes. The child theme comes with more improvements: adding some HTML tags for wrapping purposes, fixing collapsing menus in old versions of Internet Explorer. Continue reading

Basics 0.2.8 and its Child theme Beyond Basics 0.2.1

From the beginnings, Basics is build to be used with a Child theme. Since the former version, Basics comes with Beyond Basics. After some tests, I planned many enhancements in order to make the Parent theme and the Child theme more complementary. Globally, I decreased the number of files included in Basics by moving some specific files to Beyond Basics. Continue reading

WordPress Basics — Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

In this new version of WordPress Basics, I’ve focused on optimizations and consistencies, starting with the functions.php file, that I decomposed in many specialized files, like functions-setup.php, functions-display.php, functions-filter-action.php and functions-comment.php, for now. I’ve change the way the logo is marked up in the header.php in a HTML5 way, putting into practice the advices of the article Using .ir class and make the replaced image “clickable”Continue reading