Basics and Beyond Basics 0.2.3 are waiting for you

The theme Basics, followed by its child theme Beyond Basics 0.2.3 are now issued. Some minor changes for the main theme, among which: some CSS classes for text alignment and indentations reviewed for legibility purposes. The child theme comes with more improvements: adding some HTML tags for wrapping purposes, fixing collapsing menus in old versions of Internet Explorer.



  1. Change version number for stylesheet call : *?v=0.2.9″* **[header.php]**
  2. Add *.left*, *.right*, *.center* and *.justify* with *text-align: xxx* property for text/img alignment **[markup.css]**
  3. Change indentations and some comments **[markup.css]**

Beyond Basics 0.2.3

  1. Add <aside>’s *#sidebar-0* and *#sidebar-4* to wrap two <section>’s in **[sidebar.php]**, **[home.php]**
  2. Change .sidebars to .sidebar in *#sidebar-0* and *#sidebar-4* **[sidebar.php]**
  3. Fix some CSS to match with 1. et 2. above **[author.css]**
  4. Fix collapsing top menu *#widget-area-1* for old IE’s (.oldie) **[author.css]**