Six ways to make Basics your own

Basics is a WordPress theme which aims to be a modular Blank Theme. It comes with many files: it’s the price for flexibility. Once you’ve downloaded Basics, you maybe ask yourself about the best way to begin with. Here come some tips.

You can use Basics in several ways:

  1. «As is» (if you dare),
  2. Customize the author.css file to fit your graphics,
  3. As a Blank page, removing the content of both author.css and markup.css,
  4. Customize the HTML markup of the existing displaying files (index.php, search.php, etc.),
  5. Duplicate some existing files and rename them to add files missing in order to extend Basics (single.php, author.php, category.php, etc.),
  6. And last but not least, create a Child Theme to build your site on the basics.

The latter is imho a smart way; I’m working on Basics to make this way more confortable.