Basics 0.1.9 is out of the box

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll! Basics is on the beginning but offer already a lot of cool functionnality. The version 0.1.7 come with changes.

  • Many changes in the structure of markup.css. This files aims to be a generic redefinition of basics CSS styles. I removed some duplicate CSS rules between reset.css and markup.css.
  • The featured post in homepage isn’t the last post published in the «Featured» category. Instead its the last Sticky Post witch is displayed. It’s more Rock’n’roll 🙂
  • Add ID’s #site-title and #site-description to <h1> and <h2> in <hgroup>.
  • Add sample of Media Queries to fit screen under 990px width within author.css.
  • Add support for not duplicate post when displaying a featured post witch could appears later in a second loop in home.php.

The version 0.2 is near: stay tuned!