Download Basics & Beyond Basics

Give a try to Basics. This is a WordPress Theme which aims to be a robust (actually in beta version) set of files and folders based mainly on HTML5 Boilerplate and Toolbox. I’ve focused on semantics, when it made sens, regarding the fact that a generic theme is supposed to fit any kind of content… I’ve picked up some good ideas there and there: read the colophon for more information.

Since the version Basics comes with a Child Theme. Beyond Basics aims to be a smart way to give your website its own style in a way you can keep the benefit of new versions of the Parent Theme Basics.

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Download the zip packages

Download ♥ Basics
Download the latest version of the Parent theme Basics in english by default with a author’s CSS stylesheet you should remove or adapt to fit your needs.
Download Beyond ♥ Basics
Download the latest version of the Child theme Beyond Basics that I’ve created for Basics. Child Themes are great to modify and/or extend a WordPress Theme in a smart way. Beyond Basics allow authors to play with Basics without loose the possibility of having fun with updates I could make to correct and improve the fondations.
All the changes made from the start. I don’t pretend it can be a subsitute for a (hard) rock solid documentation, but it may help to understand the processes.
Read Me
A very quick starter guide after you’ve downloaded and installed ♥ Basics

Basics en français

I’m french and this website is an attempt to improve my english skills. These files below stands in the /languagesfolder to turn Basics and Beyond Basics in french in a second: