WordPress Basics — Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

In this new version of WordPress Basics, I’ve focused on optimizations and consistencies, starting with the functions.php file, that I decomposed in many specialized files, like functions-setup.php, functions-display.php, functions-filter-action.php and functions-comment.php, for now. I’ve change the way the logo is marked up in the header.php in a HTML5 way, putting into practice the advices of the article Using .ir class and make the replaced image “clickable”

I have worked to make Basics more flexible by turning some hard coding into functions to make customizations more easier, especially concerning Javascript libraries and other scripts authors may want to add to fit their personnal needs. By the way, I have moved a lot of files to a brand new Child theme named Beyond Basics. The Parent theme Basics gains in simplicity!

PS: Don’t be afraid: minus the mark up for the logo and some removals like .ir or .visuallyhidden classes, the skeleton is still the same for now.

Basics changelogs

Last modified on 20/09/2011 – 00:37 by Bruno Bichet

For Those About to Rock… Fire!

Release – 20/09/2011 – 00:37

  1. Change version number for stylesheet call : ?v=″ [header.php]
  2. Edit paths to URL of favicons in basics_favicon() to make it work [inc/functions-display.php]
  3. Rename basicsfavicon() to basicsfavicons() [inc/functions-display.php][header.php]
  4. Move [404.php] to Child Theme Beyond Basics
  5. Change case to some .txt files : CHANGELOG.txt HUMANS.txt, README.txt, LICENSE.txt
  6. Make some cosmetic changes to HUMANS.txt
  7. Add basics_search_autofocus() to print autofocus attribute to Search form when the user is in search context
  8. Edit README.txt to reflect the changes brought by the Child Theme Beyond Basics

Release 0.2.7 – 19/09/2011

  1. Minor changes in comments [style.css] [markup.css]
  2. Change hook (widgets_init instead of init) for registering basics_widgets_init() function [functions.php]
  3. Wrap some basics functions into basics_setup() triggered by after_setup_theme hook [functions.php]
  4. Remove one level of indentation after each if ( ! function_exists(): [functions.php]
  5. Split [functions.php] file in several files sets in /inc/ folder for easy maintenance and evolution
  6. Add condition is_404() to basics_description() to avoid “Notice” when $post doesn’t exist (404 = no post)[inc/functions-display.php]
  7. Change function the_widget( ‘WP_Widget_Archives’, ‘dropdown=1&count=0’ to avoid Notice if &count=0 is missing [content-404.php]
  8. Add condition on function basics_description() when $wp_query->found_posts is empty (no result found)[inc/functions-display.php]
  9. Move $content_width into basics_setup() function [inc/functions-setup.php]
  10. Add link to comments and display number of comments to the function basics_posted_in() [inc/functions-display.php]
  11. Remove div#logo [header.php]
  12. Wrap <h1> in <hgroup> with a#site-title to replace div#logo [header.php]
  13. Change some CSS to match the two changes above [author.css]
  14. Update jQuery lib to version 1.6.4 [/js/libs/]
  15. Change paths to jQuery lib to reflect change above [footer.php]
  16. Empty author.css to keep the theme “blank” (author.css should be reused in a Child theme) and change comment in [style.css]
  17. Update readme.txt to reflect the changes.
  18. Cosmetic changes in comments layout [style.css]
  19. Add basics_favicon() function to print links for favicons. Make the customization in a Child theme easier[functions-display.php][header.php]
  20. Remove indentation in tag [header.php]
  21. Remove final trailing slash in link rel=”pingback” tag [header.php]
  22. Remove tag post-formatsfeatured-images [style.css]
  23. Add basics_jquery() function to load jQuery properly with wp_enqueue_script() [inc/functions-filter-action.php]
  24. Add basics_scripts() function to load the other scripts or librarie in a customizable way for authors[inc/functions-filter-action.php]
  25. Add HTML comment to explain where authors could manage jQuery and other scripts [footer.php]
  26. Add basics_i_love_wordpress() function to display mini logo instead of hard printing it [footer.php]
  27. Remove .visuallyhidden classes [footer.php][header.php][inc/functions-display.php][searchform.php]
  28. Change home_url( ‘/’ ) to bloginfo( ‘name’ ) in label tag [searchform.php]
  29. Update the .po file for french translation
  30. Move of [content-404.php][content-news.php] and [home.php] files in Child theme Beyond Basics to make Basics more… basic!
  31. Add edit_post_link() in basics_posted_in() allowing authors to edit their posts [inc/functions-display.php]
  32. Change message when ! comments_open() && is_page() with a sprintf for easier translation for the contact page [comments.php]