Both Basics and Beyond Basics are now on Github!

It’s been a long time that I wanted to put my WordPress themes on Github to make it more easiest to take away. Actually, If You always can download the zip files, I recommend You to clone the projets from their respective directories. Indeed, once I’d taken over the various controls to work effectively with Git, downloading zip probably will be made mainly from Github.

For now, minor releases are only accessible from Github. It will allow me to make changes without ask you to do the updates manually for trifles. So, I invite you to track projects Basics and Beyond Basics to be aware of the addition, deletion and modification of files.

Fork me on Github!

→ — Basics is not supposed to be used “as is”. You could fill the css/author.css file in order to give your blog its own style. Or you can use a Child theme.

→ — I recommand you to use a Child Theme to create your website from the theme Basics in order to easier the work brought by the updates that I’ll make in the futur.

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