WordPress Basics 0.2.5 on rails

Hi guys and chicks ! Here comes a new version of ♥ Basics. Some minors changes compared to the latest version. The first part of the changes are cosmetic; the others are an improvement of the SEO function basics_description() and basics_title(). I let you with the changelog.txt to take note of further changes.

Release 0.2.5 – 24/06/2011

  1. Add CSS rules #widget-area-4 { clear: left; }. Keep this Widget area below the two sidebars (which are floating)
  2. Add some specifics rules for .ie6 and ie7 to display item menu top inline [author.css]
  3. Turn text-decoration: none into text-decoration: underline to make the links more visible [markup.css]
  4. Add meta description for author, tag and category in basics_description() function [functions.php]
  5. Add support for iframe in the WYSIWYG editor to switch easily between HTML and Visual mode [functions.php]
  6. (Commented for now) Disable the wpautop function so that WordPress makes no attempt to correct the markup [functions.php]
  7. Remove website’s slogan in title when displaying de home page in basics_title() [function.php]

→ Download ♥ Basics 0.2.5 now!