WordPress Basics Version 0.3

According to Bon Scott, It’s a long way to the top if you wanna  Rock & Roll! It’s about the same if you want to make a blank theme which follows the evolution of good practices. For this version 0.3, I have made some changes according to the new version of HTML5 Boilerplate which is arrived to the version 3.0.

The changelog is written in the order of the corrections, deletes or addings. Nonetheless, for a better reading I have sorted here the modifications :

WordPress Basics

HTML5 Boilerplate

  1. Update [css/normalize.css] [css/tool.css] and [css/author.css] from new version of HTML5 Boilerplate
  2. Update jQuery version to 1.7.1 in basics_scripts() function [inc/functions-filter-action.php] and /js/libs/
  3. Update Modernizr 2.5.3 [header.php] and /js/libs/
  4. Remove “defer” property to script in basics_scripts() function [inc/functions-filter-action.php]
  5. Add lt-iex classes to html tag
  6. Add ChromeFrame call within body tag [header.php]
  7. Add localization for ChromeFrame call [header.php]
  8. Change meta name=”viewport” [header.php]
  9. Update plugins.js and script.js /js/
  10. Add robots.txt for reminder purpose
  11. Add .htaccess (from HTML5 Boilerplate) for reminder purpose


  1. Add tab indentations [header.php]
  2. Tweak some comments [style.css]
  3. Change version number for stylesheet call : ?v=0.3″[header.php]
  4. Remove Chrome Frame call and DDbelatedPNG.js in basics scripts() function [inc/functions-filter-action.php]
  5. Remove DDbelatedPNG in basicsscripts() function [inc/functions-filter-action.php]
  6. Remove DD_belatedPNG.js in /js/libs/
  7. Correct author URI [style.css], [css/grid.css], [HUMANS.txt], [markup.css]
  8. Remove empty lines [footer.php]
  9. Turn wp4design into basics.4design [footer.php]

Beyond Basics

  1. Add styles for /* google search */ from HTML5 Boilerplate [404.php]
  2. Add font-size: 0.8em [css/author.css]
  3. Turn wp4design into basics.4design [style.css]

→ Give a try to WordPress Basics and its Child theme Beyond Basics via the download page.