30 astuces et stratégies de développement avec jQuery

Nick Parsons de Webitect nous propose sur Pro Blog Design 30 bouts de codes jQuery en prêt-à-porter taillés dans les meilleurs tissus. Dans les rayons, vous trouverez de quoi habiller les longues soirées d’été :

  1. Delay with Animate() or delay(),
  2. Loop through Elements Backwards
  3. Is There Anything in the jQuery Object?
  4. Access iFrame Elements
  5. Equal Height Columns
  6. Find a Selected Phrase and Manipulate It
  7. Hack Your Titles to Prevent Widows
  8. Add Pseudo-Selector Support in IE
  9. Manage Search Box Values
  10. Create a Disappearing « Back-to-Top » Link
  11. Easily Respond to Event Data
  12. Encode HTML Entities
  13. Friendly Text Resizing
  14. Open External Links in a New Window
  15. Gracefully Degrading AJAX Navigation
  16. Create an Array of GET variables
  17. Partial Page Refresh Using load()
  18. Skin with jQuery UI
  19. Include Other Scripts
  20. Use Body Classes for Easy Styling
  21. Optimize Your Performance
  22. Adapt Your Scripts to Work Cross-Browser – The Right Way
  23. Configure jQuery to be Compatible with Other Libraries
  24. Efficiently Store Element-Specific Information with data()
  25. Extend/Modify Existing jQuery Functions
  26. Reverse Engineer before() and after()
  27. Add an isChildOf() Test
  28. Add Custom Selectors
  29. Smooth Scrolling Without Plugin
  30. Add Tabs without a Plugin

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