Using the_author_meta() to fill the meta name=”author” tag

When it comes to garnish the meta tag “author” located between the <head> tags of your website — like <meta name="author" content="Bruno Bichet"> — you can use the_author_meta(). At first, this function seems to be used inside The Loop which doesn’t help very much in this case, but it can be used outside The Loop when the ID of the author is passed as parameter. Continue reading

Meta tag “description” to improve SEO

Tag descriptions in WordPress 2.8 is a very interesting post on how to improve your post keywords (tag description). A good way to optimize the blurb nested in the <meta name="description" content="Specific description to make GoogleBot smile to your contents">. See also my long boring french (sorry) post titled: Une meilleure indexation avec Not at All in One SEO pour WordPress (A better SEO with Not at All in One SEO for WordPress)!   Continue reading