Basics 0.2.6 — an HTML5 Boilerplate 2 update and more

I began to sleep on the version 0.2.5  of my theme WordPress Basics when the new HTML5 Boilerplate 2 raised in the middle of August. This new version of HTML5 Boilerplate brings many changes. The most important is maybe the replacement of the CSS reset by a “simple” redefinition of HTML tags with normalize.css created first by Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal. Continue reading

Add a .singular class within the body tag

The is_singular() conditional tag check if the user is displaying a single post, a single page or an attachment, which are respectively check with is_single(), is_page() and is_attachment(). With these conditional tags come three usefull classes nested in the body tag: .single, .page or .attachment. But, no .singular classe to rule them all! Continue reading